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One Day Kodaikanal Local Sightseeing Trip by Car

One Day Kodaikanal Local Sightseeing Trip by Car

When the temperatures start to rise in the plains, all of us start planning our weekend retreats. For those living in Tamil Nadu or visiting it, Kodaikanal in the Dindigul district should be the ideal choice.

Referred to as the Princess of Hill stations, it is well connected by various means of transport. Kodaiknal has pleasant weather and a lot for you to do throughout the day. A one Day Kodaikanal Local Sightseeing Trip is the perfect weekend break amidst the lap of nature.

The word ‘Kodaikanal’ is a Tamil word meaning “The Gift of the Forest”. Being surrounded by the Palani Hills, one can rightfully expect lush green meadows and mesmerizing views.

Apart from great scenic beauty, there are hikes, treks, adventure activities that you can indulge in and even churches and temples that can be visited during your one day sightseeing trip.

What To Expect

The beautiful hill station of Kodaikanal has so much to offer that a single day is simply not enough. However, you can expect to visit some of Kodaikanal’s best sightseeing places in a day if we begin our sightseeing trip early in the morning.

Our private cab will arrive on time and pick you from your place of accommodation. Our first stop would be the Silent Valley View Point which offers some great views early in the morning.

From here we will drive to the Bear Shola Falls. You will be required to trek down to be able to reach the base of the waterfall which is situated amidst lush green forested area.

Next on our Kodaikanal one day local sightseeing tour, we will drive a few km away from town to visit the Berijam Lake which is amidst the Palani forest. Here, you can also expect to spot wildlife in your jeep safari ride. You can then enjoy a quiet walk at the Coaker’s walk.

Then we will visit a picnic spot known as the Pillar Rocks where there are three giant pillars made of rock. Further, on this day trip we will proceed to the Green Valley viewpoint, also known as the suicide point for its impeccable height. This viewpoint gives a stellar view of the Vaigai Dam.

Next, we will head to the La Salette Church which is more than a century old and boasts of stunning French architecture. This will be followed by paying a visit to the Kurinji Andavar Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Murugan, commonly known as Kartikeya, who is the Hindu God of War.

In order to involve ourselves in some physical activity, we will head to the Kodai Lake, where we can opt for activities like cycling, boating, horse-riding etc.

Last, we will drop by at the Bryant Park where we can spot some unique flowers. This will bring our One Day Kodaikanal Local Sightseeing Trip to an end and our private cab will drop you to your place of origin.

Places to Visit

1. Silent Valley View Point

Our local sightseeing in Kodaikanal would begin with first visiting the Silent Valley View Point. As the name suggests, one can observe peace and silence from here while viewing the mistful beauty of the mountains and clouds hovering above you. The best time to visit the Silent Valley View Point would be early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the views are clear.

  • Must See / Things to Do: Take out your cameras as this viewpoint makes for a great backdrop to take pictures.
  • Timings: Open On All Days from 10.00 am to 6 pm
  • Entry Fee: No Entrance Fee
  • Recommended Duration: 20 Minutes

2. Bear Shola Falls

Another beautiful waterfall that doubles up as a great picnic spot is the Bear Shola Falls. It is said that earlier bears from the nearby forests would come here to drink water and as such, it was named Bear Shola Falls.

Unlike the Thalaiyar Falls, one can trek their way to the bottom easily. It is surrounded by thick green forest and tranquil scenery.

  • Must See / Things to Do: A great spot to enjoy a laid back afternoon, hear the birds chirp and have a picnic. Carry drinking water and eatables as this tourist spot is far from commercialisation.
  • Timings: Open On All Days from 10.00 am to 6 pm
  • Entry Fee: No Entrance Fee
  • Recommended Duration: 1.5 Hours

3. Berijam Lake

The Berijam Lake is going to be next in your One Day Kodaikanal Local Sightseeing trip. This lake is situated in the middle of thick forests of the Palani Hills Forest Conservation Land,and as such prior permission from the forest department of Kodaikanal needs to be obtained. There is an observation point from where one can fetch a clear view of the Berijam Lake and the forest

The lake is rich in both flora and fauna. One can even spot various wild animals such as bison, langur, elephants, deer, etc on their way to the lake.

  • Must See / Things to Do: The forest department camp conducts educational tours for visitors where they take them to swamp ecosystem, freshwater ecosystem, nature trail, bridge, medicinal demonstration garden, museum etc.
  • Timings: Open from October to May, from 9 am to 3 pm
  • Entry Fee: Rs. 100/person
  • Recommended Duration: 1 Hour

4. Coaker’s Walk

You would agree that a hill station’s vibe can be best explored on foot. To ensure this, Kodaikonal’s tourism department opened the Coaker’s walk where one can take a peaceful stroll in the pavement that’s fenced on one side.

The walk will also allow you to catch some of the best views and it will indeed be a walk to remember. You can even rent a binocular to spot various waterfalls and sightseeing points from here.

  • Must See / Things to Do: Walk, sit on the bench and munch on bhel puri and taste raw mango stripes at the Coaker’s walk during your Kodaikanal Local Sightseeing Tour.
  • Timings: Open on all days from 7.30 am to 6 pm
  • Entry Fee: Rs.10/person
  • Recommended Duration: 40 Minutes

5. Pillar Rocks, Kodaikanal

After a pleasant walk, our cab will take you to another popular picnic spot, Pillar Rock. Here you can spot three vertical tall rock pillars. While the rocks do not have any significance but its giant size with clouds hovering over and between them makes it a great scenic point.

  • Must See / Things to Do: Bring your picnic mats, laze around and buy onion and potato fries that are a must-try on your Kodaikanal trip.
  • Timings: Open on all days from 09:30 am – 04:00 pm.
  • Entry Fee: Rs.5/person
  • Recommended Duration: 40 Minutes

6. Green Valley View, Kodaiaknal

The Green Valley View, also known as the Suicide Point is another stunning viewpoint of Kodaikanal. Not only can you find stunning views of the valley from a height of 5000ft but you can also spot the Vaigai Dam which looks surreal.

One can also spot various monkeys loitering around at the Green Valley View Point.

  • Must See / Things to Do: On your way to the viewpoint, you will cross a small market where locals would be selling handmade ornaments, chocolates, Eucalyptus Oil, Ooty Tea Powder etc which are priced reasonably. Do buy these for your friends and family back home during your Kodaikanal Sightseeing Trip.
  • Timings: Open on All Days from 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free
  • Recommended Duration: 30 Minutes

7. La Salette Church

Churches & Hill station go hand in hand. Kodaikanal’s famous hill station is the La Salette Church which is more than 130 years old. The facade of the church is painted in blue and white. It exhibits a stunning fusion of Tamil & French architecture.

At the altar, you can find statues of Lady of La Salette along with the statue of St. Joseph. The windows of the church are painted beautifully and depicts the various scenes from the life of Jesus.

  • Must See / Things to Do: If you are visiting Kodaikanal on a weekend, do try and attend their Saturday or Sunday Mass. 
  • Timings: Open on All Days from 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free
  • Recommended Duration: 20 Minutes 

8. Kurinji Andavar Temple

Made in the devotion of Lord Murugu, Kurinji Andavar Temple is a must-visit during your 1 day Kodaikanal Sightseeing Tour. It follows the typical Dravidian style of architecture which is followed in most temples ofSouth India. Its facade is colourful and on top rests the statue of Lord Ganesha with a peacock on each side.

The most interesting part of the temple is its association with the Kurinji flower which blooms once every 12 years. It last bloomed in 2018 and bejewelled the entire area with purple flowers.

  • Must See / Things to Do: Within the temple complex, one can find a park and a garden with different kinds of shrubs. The temple also offers a stunning view of the Kodaikanal city on one side and the gorgeous Palani hills on the other.
  • Timings: Open on all days from 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free
  • Recommended Duration: 30 Minutes 

9. Kodai Lake

While one can grab the aerial view of the star-shaped Kodai Lake from the upper lake viewpoint, a closer view is definitely recommended to be able to soak the beauty in its truest sense.

This lake that once was used as a swimming pool by the Britishers, now it is popular for Gondola Boat Rides and even Luxury Boat rides.

  • Must See / Things to Do: One can even cycle around the pavement near the lake. Other options like horse riding and boating are also available.
  • Timings: Open All Day from 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free
  • Recommended Duration: 1 Hour

10. Bryant Park, Kodaikanal

Last, in your One Day Kodaikanal Local Sightseeing Trip itinerary would be a visit to the Bryant Park which is stretched for 20 acres and is only a few minutes away from the Kodai Lake.

If you are somebody who enjoys gardening, get ready to witness the green roses, which are rare and super exotic. The park is also accessed by various botany and horticulture students who come here for demonstration and practical lessons.

  • Must See / Things to Do: The highlight of the park is the almost 2-century old eucalyptus tree and a Bodhi tree.
  • Timings: Open All Day from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Rs. 30 for Adults & Rs.15 for Kids
  • Recommended Duration: 30 Minutes

What to Eat!

Kodaikonal’s welcoming aroma of the food will instantly make you love this hill town. During your visit to Kodaikanal, it is highly recommended that you try Pongal, Payasam, Dosa, Idli, Vada etc.

Most of their dishes are rice-based and have a flavour of coconut. The food despite being authentic and of great quality is affordable and that’s an additional bonus.

For your on the go snacks, do gorge on some delish Omelette, Onion and Potato Fries which are sold outside most sightseeing points of Kodaikanal.

What to Shop!

As you explore the above sightseeing points of Kodaikanal, you will come across various small lanes and markets that would be selling locally produced items. Handmade chocolates, freshly picked fruits, homemade jams, filter coffee, trinkets, decor items, etc.

A weekend retreat at a charming hill station of Tamil Nadu is exactly what is needed for you to break free and enjoy a stress-free holiday. Walk around, breathe fresh air, hear the birds chirp, indulge in some warm comfort food, have a cup of coffee with a great view and get touristy by taking a boat ride or visiting the breath-taking viewpoints.

Kodaikanal seems like the perfect weekend getaway. Choose from our range of sedans, hatchbacks or SUVs, take that window seat, put on some good music, and enjoy our 1 day local sightseeing tour of Kodaikanal in a private cab.

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