One Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Tour by Cab

One Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Sightseeing Trip by Car

Are you looking for a day trip from Chennai to Mahabalipuram?

We offer private cab services that will take you on an unforgettable journey. You’ll be able to see the beautiful temples and beaches of this UNESCO World Heritage Site in India in just one day. Our drivers are professional, friendly, and know all the best places to stop along the way!

If you want to make sure your time is well spent, then look no further than our One Day Trip from Chennai to Mahabalipuram by private cab service. With us as your guide, we promise it will be a trip worth taking!

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A flourishing metropolitan city, Chennai has been one of the main gateways to South India. Packed with diverse touristic sightseeing spots that include beaches, mesmerizing temples, magnificent palaces and spiritual centres the city allures several visitors every year.

Tamil Nadu’s capital city offers a variety of weekend getaway destinations in its vicinity. A preferred and renowned vacation destination is Mahabalipuram located at a distance of 60 km from Chennai. Explore a list of attractions with our one day Chennai to Mahabalipuram tour.

Mahabalipuram is a treasure trove of amazing temples and majestic rock cut sculptures. It is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The intriguing town was more popular as Mamallapuram and ruled by the Pallavas from Kanchipuram. Mahabalipuram is blessed with an abundance of touristic sites.

The city offers a wide array of attractions to be explored in one day. Board our one day Chennai to Mahabalipuram tour by car designed to include the key landmarks of the city.

Snapshot of 1 Day Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Tour Package by Car

  • Same Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Tour
  • Fixed Itinerary
  • Sightseeing Places Covered – Mahabalipuram Seashore Temple, DakshinaChitra, Arjunar penance, Covelong Beach, Pancha Rathas, Crocodile Bank, Muttukadu Beach / Boat House, ISKCON Temple Chennai
  • Departs at 9:00 AM
  • Ends at 6:00 PM
  • Inclusions – Parking Charges, Driver Batta; pickup and drop service from your Chennai Hotel
  • Exclusions – Entry Fees; Lunch / All meals, Toll Gate charges

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Honda City Secan Car for One Day Tour

₹ 3,700/-

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How to book? – Chennai to Mahabalipuram 1 Day Package

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Package Glimpse of one day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Tour

Mahabalipuram draws several visitors annually to visit it heritage sites. An exhilarating Chennai to Mahabalipuram tour takes you through the historically significant ancient temples, rock cut sculptures, beaches and interesting museum. These archaeological sites are worth a visit especially to witness the craftsmanship skills prevalent during the Pallava dynasty.

The sightseeing tour of Mahabalipuram begins with the visit to the revered Mahabalipuram Seashore Temple. Move further to discover the tradition and culture of South India at DakshinaChitra. Continuing your journey we head to the historically important site of Arjuna’s Penance.

Relax yourselves as you wander along the Covlong Beach. Witness the archaeological gems of Pancha Rathas and proceed further to get close with the reptiles in their natural habitat. Take a boat ride and before you end your journey pay your obeisance at the renowned ISKCON temple.

Itinerary for One Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Tour Package

Pickup from your Hotel at 9:00 AM

Tourism PlacePlan to Depart By
Mahabalipuram Seashore Temple10:30 AM
DakshinaChitra11:30 AM
Arjunar penance12:10 PM
Covelong Beach1:20 PM
Lunch 30 to 45 minutes. Please note that Lunch is not Complimentary and Not Included in this package. 2:00 PM
Pancha Rathas2:45 PM
Crocodile Bank3:35 PM
Muttukadu Beach / Boat House4:15 PM
ISKCON Temple Chennai5:00 PM

Drop at your Hotel by 6:00 PM

NOTE: You can visit all these places in Mahabalipuram or remove any of the places that you don’t want to visit. However, inclusion of any other sightseeing place, except the ones mentioned below is not allowed with this Mahabalipuram fixed itinerary package.

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What is Included? – 1 Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Tour Package

  • Pick and drop to your Hotel / Home in Chennai
  • Vehicle Hire for sightseeing as per the Itinerary
  • Driver Batta
  • Parking charges

What is Excluded? – 1 Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Tour Package

  • Entry Fee for tourist attractions in Mahabalipuram
  • Multiple pickups (guests need to fix one place of pickup and drop)
  • Breakfast, Lunch or any meal
  • Lodging / Accommodation
  • Vehicle beyond the mentioned time duration of the tour package
  • Vehicle beyond the designated tour route
  • Toll gate charges

What to see! A Quick Guide to Mahabalipuram Sightseeing Tour from Chennai by Taxi

Below is the list of sightseeing places included in the 1 Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram tour package.

1. Mahabalipuram Seashore Temple

One Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Trip by Car Mahabalipuram Seashore Temple
Mahabalipuram Seashore Temple
  • Plan to Depart by : 10:30 AM
  • Must See / Things to Do: Watch the Nandi sculptures
  • Timings: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Holiday / Closed on: Open on All Days
  • Recommended Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

Walk down the history lane as we move to the ancient Sea Shore temple with our one day Chennai to Mahabalipuram tour by private cab. A fascinating religious site has been named so as it faces the sea shore of the Bay of Bengal.

The architectural masterpiece is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Constructed using granite stones the spectacular temple is one of the oldest stone temples in South India.

This intricately decorated spiritual complex is often referred to as Seven Pagodas due to its pyramidal structure that rises to a height of 60 feet and set over a 50 feet square platform. The shrine with the Shiva Linga facing east was designed in such a way that the first rays of the rising sun falls on it.

Visitors would gaze in awe at the beauty of the temple built in Dravidian architectural style. Pallava ruler Narasimhavarman II built the temple to which later additions made by the Cholas.

This sacred spiritual complex is a collection of three shrines with two shrines having pyramid shaped gopurams. Two of these are dedicated to Lord Shiva while the smaller and third shrine is dedicated to Lord Vishnu who appears in reclining form known as Anantashayana.

When viewed from a distance the temple resembles Dharmaraja Ratha. Striking carvings on the walls of this Vishnu Temple depict vivid scenes of Krishna leela. Visitors would be delighted to worship the Shiva Linga that appears with sixteen faces.

2. DakshinaChitra

One Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Trip by Car DakshinaChitra
  • Plan to Depart by : 11:30 AM
  • Must See / Things to Do: Take a leisurely stroll through all the 18 heritage houses
  • Timings: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Holiday / Closed on: Open on All Days
  • Recommended Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

The next stop of our exciting one day Mahabalipuram tour from Chennai is DakshinaChitra which means picture of the south. Get up close with the rich heritage and culture of South Indian states as you stroll through the outstanding 18 heritage houses constructed with the strenuous efforts of the craftsmen who recreated these houses after demolishing the original ones.

These heritage houses showcase those of North Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Syrian Christian house represents the characteristic features of their houses in Kottayam.

Ikkat house resembles the traditional houses found in Andhra Pradesh. As of 2014 it had been preserving almost 4200 artefacts that reflected the rich culture and heritage of Southern states.

Situated in Muttukadu the cultural museum also holds workshops for trainings in traditional crafts such as indigo dying. The outstanding setting of the museum gives visitors an opportunity to learn about the tradition, art, culture, folk and architecture of South Indian states.

Built under the supervision of the British architect Laurie Baker it portrays traditional tools used for making textiles, pots and other household artefacts.

3. Arjunar Penance

One Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Trip by Car Arjunar Penance
Arjunar Penance
  • Plan to Depart by : 12:10 PM
  • Must See / Things to Do: Wild size figures of animals seen in Hindu texts like Vedas and Panchatantras
  • Timings: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Holiday / Closed on: Open on All Days
  • Recommended Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

One day Chennai to Mahabalipuram trip takes you through another archaeological treasure of the ancient town. Travel through the ancient history at the Arjunar Penance where you can view the image of Arjuna performing penances to obtain the Pasupata Astra from Lord Shiva in order to defeat the Kauravas.

Other legends state that it is the depiction of Sage Bhagirath performing penance to seek Shiva’s help in bringing River Ganga from the heavens to earth.

Amazing boulders that are 30 m long and 15m high have intricate structures portraying the depictions of the natural world on the left and the celestial world on the right side with a bifurcated crater in between filled with nagas. It is from this crater that water pours out as a natural waterfall and referred to as the Descent of the Ganges.

These breathtaking monolithic rock boulders are considered to be the most remarkable rock cut sculptures. The image of Lord Shiva with dwarves near it symbolizing the five elements namely the air, earth, fire, land and water is highly appealing.

4. Covelong Beach

One Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Trip by Car Covelong Beach
Covelong Beach
  • Plan to Depart by : 1:20 PM
  • Must See / Things to Do: Take a leisurely stroll along the scenic beach
  • Timings: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Holiday / Closed on: Open on All Days
  • Recommended Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

Venture out to one of the most favourite sightseeing spot of one day Chennai to Mahabalipuram tour, the captivating Covelong Beach. Situated on the East Coast the place is known for windsurfing. Also popular as Kovalam beach it is a fishing village set at a distance of 17 km from Mahabalipuram.

Once an old port developed by a Carnatic Nawab, it is India’s first surfing village. This perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts draws several travellers who can also engage themselves in swimming and fishing. It also has a Catholic church and a mosque.

5. Pancha Rathas

One Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Trip by Car Pancha Rathas
Pancha Rathas
  • Plan to Depart by : 2:45 PM
  • Must See / Things to Do: Capture the amazing pictures of these rock-cut structures
  • Timings: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Holiday / Closed on: Open on All Days
  • Recommended Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

Get close to another awe inspiring monument as the full day packed Mahabalipuram tour takes you to the Pancha Rathas. The architectural monument located on the Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal is now well maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India and is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Each structure is a monolithic rock cut structures resembling a chariot that allures every visitor. An idyllic place called after the five Pandavas these monolithic rock structures made of granite resembles ancient chariot or rathas.

Developed under the Pallava dynasty, the Pancha Rathas were not consecrated as it is believed that these could not be completed. Among the five structures, the Dharmaraja Ratha structure is considered to be the largest structure and dedicated to Lord Shiva who appears as Ardhanareeswarar.

Admire the beautifully carved three tiered vimana and the images of Lord Shiva on the four corners of the structure. The 12.8 m long Bhima Ratha enshrines Lord Vishnu. Its pillars are decorated with images of lion.

Arjuna Ratha is a small structure enshrining Lord Shiva. Draupadi Ratha is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is the smallest among the five rathas presented in the shaped of a thatched hut.

Nakul and Sahadeva Ratha are dedicated to Lord Indra. The pillars and columns of this ratha are decorated with seated lions and the roof of the ratha is shaped like a back of elephant.

6. Crocodile Bank

One Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Trip by Car Crocodile Bank
Crocodile Bank
  • Plan to Depart by : 3:35 PM
  • Must See / Things to Do: Catch a glimpse of the wild reptiles
  • Timings: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Holiday / Closed on: Open on All Days
  • Recommended Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Entry Fee: No Entry Fee
  • Website: Crocodile Bank

Thrill seekers and nature lovers would be enthralled with our one day Mahabalipuram trip’s next stop, the Crocodile Bank. Built in 1976 by the famous herpetologist Mr. Whitaker, it house turtles gharial, marsh crocodiles and snakes.

One of the prominent and biggest crocodile sanctuaries gives visitors an opportunity to watch these reptiles in open air pools similar to their natural habitats. A notable feature is the aquarium with Gharial kept underwater.

Located at a short distance of 14 km from Mahabalipuram it also has several species of birds and Indian and African Alligators. There is also a snake venom extraction centre run by the Irula Snake Catchers Industrial Cooperative Society.

7. Muttukadu Beach / Boat House

One Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Trip by Car Muttukadu Boat House
Muttukadu Beach / Boat House
  • Plan to Depart by : 4:15 PM
  • Must See / Things to Do: Take a boat cruise
  • Timings: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Holiday / Closed on: Open on All Days
  • Recommended Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Entry Fee: No Entry Fee
  • Website: Crocodile Bank

Take a boat ride across the Muttukadu backwaters that proffer an array of boats including motor boats, speed boats, scooter boats and cycle boats. The boat house is well maintained by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation and was inaugurated in 1984.

The backwaters are formed due to a lake connected to the Bay of Bengal to the East of the Muttukadu Boathouse. Outdoor enthusiasts can engage themselves in rowing, windsurfing and water skiing. It also has a bamboo boathouse and a floating boat jetty.

8. ISKCON Temple

One Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram Trip by Car ISKCON Temple
  • Plan to Depart by : 5:00 PM
  • Must See / Things to Do: Worship Lord Krishna
  • Timings: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Holiday / Closed on: Open on All Days
  • Recommended Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

Next in our exciting one day Chennai to Mahabalipuram tour would fill your heart with the aura of divinity. Marvel at the auspicious ISKCON International dedicated to Radha Krishna. This picturesque landmark was built on 1.5 acres of land.

A spectacular spiritual complex built in Pallava and Kalinga style of architecture features a universal or the Bhu Mandala pattern on the ground floor. Immerse yourself in the mystical beauty of the sacred temple that has a wonderful 7000 sq ft temple hall and an auditorium for holding spiritual and cultural programmes.

The teak wood altars that holds the idols of Lord Krishna and goddess Radha, their friends Lalita and Vishakha, Lord Chaitanya with Lord Nityananda, Lord Jagannath, Lord Baladeva and Subhadra adds charm to the temple. A noteworthy feature of the temple is the statue of a cow feeding its calf located at the entrance.

An invigorating one day Chennai to Mahabalipuram tour gives the visitors an opportunity to enjoy a variety of cultural, historical and frivolous attractions. Rustic ambience and spectacular monuments makes this town an idyllic retreat.

Learn about the history and culture of this ancient place as you visit its spectacular iconic landmarks. History buffs would be delighted to view the architectural masterpiece of the Sea Shore temple that epitomises Pallava architectural style and the interesting DakshinaChitra museum that is steeped in history and tradition.

Points to Note

Guests are requested to follow the itinerary provided in the 1 Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram tour package. This 1 day Chennai to Mahabalipuram tour package can not be customized, however if guests prefer to visit different set of places in Chennai to Mahabalipuram and around, they can create their own itinerary and request for a custom quote from cab providers.

The Time spent on each Chennai to Mahabalipuram tourist attraction is to be followed as per the schedule. In case of delays or extended time spent at a particular place, driver or Service Provider will not be responsible to cover all the places mentioned in the itinerary.

Kindly note that if a particular Chennai to Mahabalipuram sightseeing place is closed on the scheduled day of the tour, it will not be covered from the list of sightseeing places.

Charges on Deviations, if any!

The Chennai to Mahabalipuram tour package charges are applicable only for pick and drop from one location. If in case, there are multiple pickup and drops, there might be additional charges, please check with your cab vendor.

Additional charges will be added if in case the vehicle is held for more duration or beyond the time mentioned in this Chennai to Mahabalipuram Tour package. Also in the case of any deviation in the presented itinerary, additional charges might apply.

  • For Indica, Rs.9/km and Rs.90/hour.
  • For Indigo, Rs.12/km and Rs.100/hour.
  • For Innova, Rs.15/km and Rs.125/hour.
  • For Tempo Traveller, Rs.18/km and Rs.200/hour.
  • For Swaraz Mazda Mini Bus, Rs.20/km and Rs.300/hour.

Questions about the Tour?

In case of any query regarding the 1 Day Chennai to Mahabalipuram tour package, feel free to call one of the service providers on below numbers or Request a Call Back. Our travel advisors are happy to assist you 24/7.



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